California Car Accident Lawyer - Should you find yourself injured after a traumatic accident, contact a top-rated California car accident lawyer at 1-(866) 619-6685 as soon as possible. Our team of award winning  auto accident attorneys are here to ensure your legal proceedings get started off on the right foot by offering a free consultation.
We’ll be able to go over the details of your accident, determine the viability of your case, get you into a doctor and offer valuable advice regarding the next steps you should take, all at no cost to you. Support from our experienced car accident attorneys ensures you get the highest settlement possible by avoiding common pitfalls like not getting seen by a doctor, misspeaking to insurance companies, or the other party involved in the crash. We work on a contingency fee basis; meaning our representation is available to you at no out-of-pocket cost.

Most of the cases we take on settle out of court, giving our clients a much faster resolution to their case. This eliminates the stress that can be caused by a drawn out court hearing. This allows our clients to focus on getting back to their normal lives. We’re able to achieve such efficient results because of our hands on approach and attention to detail: Each case is personal, and our car accident attorneys take pride in being able to address a client’s specific needs.
By examining police records, talking to witnesses, and re-creating the scene of the accident, a California car accident lawyer at The May Firm equip themselves with the right information to be your biggest advocate. We’ll act as your liaison with doctors, insurance companies, and the police so you can focus on getting the proper medical care. Often times, injuries may not be immediately apparent- as such, it is crucial to be examined by a doctor.

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